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Maximizing the Impact of Invention

We’re proud to have worked with industry disruptors across all sectors and geographies. Relentless curiosity, and a passion to innovate drive these companies to change our world. These impactful inventions are at the core of TimeX. 


We collaborate with companies across the globe to help them drive, foster, and enhance innovation.

Our Purpose

We started TimeX to help other founders gain access to crucial capital needed for expansion and to put fuel to the fire for their rapid growth. TimeX was built by founders, for founders.

We strive to compress time with innovation and infrastructure to help the world become a better more efficient place.

We have a shared vision for the future and we are well-positioned to work together to achieve it with all of our partners and customers.

Focus Points

Beyond access to capital, we partner with you to compress time and accelerate enterprise value. 


We help founders build great companies. 


Created by Founders, for Founders: From Dreams to Impact.

Our Focus


Sustainable Infrastructure

Renewable Energy, Water, Waste-to-Energy and Tax Equity Asset Management

Technology Infrastructure

SaaS, AI and ML, FinTech, EdTech, PropTech and IT Services

Healthcare Infrastructure

MedTech, BioTech, Healthcare Services

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